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Hi, my name's Aaron. I've been creating 3D models for over 8 years. It is my pleasure, every day, to bring people's ideas to life in front of their eyes. Let me do that for you.

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Quick, Quality

3D Asset Creation

It doesn't matter whether you're on a budget, or on a tight schedule. I will work with you. My rates are reasonable, and my work punches above its weight. Need something realistic and detailed? Sure. Cartoony and full of character? You've got it. ArchViz, vehicles, items -- heck, an entire 3D world space. I'm your man.


We'll do it your way

You want the models populating your work to be pixel perfect, but you're tired of having to send new requests up and down the line. I get it. With me, don't worry about it. I actually get excited when you tell me what I could change or do better with your model. I have a strong track record of nailing it right away, but I would love to go over and over (and over) things with you. Or, if you're more hands off, let my creative intuition take the wheel. It's up to you.

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Mech Toy

Personal project to flex various modeling techniques.



Highly detailed, rocket-powered, robot gauntlet modeled and textured for use on a company's website.


Interior Design Visualization -- Kitchen

ArchViz Project commisioned by a client with the goal of visualizing a unique kitchen for use in a tiny home.


Cartoony Vehicles

For a motion graphics advertisement -- these 3D vehicle models (and some others) were commissioned for use in a 2D cartoon advertisement.


Skyscraper VFX

A 3D skyscraper in a real photo.


Custom Furniture

A photorealistic render of a custom piece of furniture.


Dying Moon

A project that encapsulates PBR techniques, basic and advanced modeling and high quality, GI lighting and rendering to create a stunning celestial body and its exposed core.


Door Composite

An ArchiViz render of a 3D door on top of a real photo.


Concept Art

An example of digital painting used to explore lighting concepts and depth.


Nerd Ninjas Logo Animation

A 3D animation, introducing a company logo.